Referral & Insurance Preauthorization Obstacles

Poor Referral Capture Rate

46% Unscheduled Chart Source: Journal of General Internal Medicine

Payment Lost to Write-Offs

$40 Bilion Write Off Image Source: HHS

High Operational Costs

Graph of hours spent per week on pre-auths Source: Health Affairs

How much do preauthorizations cost your practice?

The number of physicians in your practice indicate referral/preauthorization volume.
Practice staff spend 20 hours/week per a physician on preauthorizations (Health Affairs).
Based on conservative average administrative employee cost: Hourly rate, benefits, training, etc.

There's a Better Way with Clarity Health.

We streamline all your referrals into one, web-based work list and initiate insurance preauthorizations needed in just hours.

Clarity’s Complete and Proven Solution

Increase Referral Capture Rate

Graph of increased referral rate with Clarity

Improve Preauthorization Accuracy & Timely Completion to Ensure Payment

Improved 66% chart

Reduce Operational Costs

Improved Savings of 59% clock

But Don’t Take our Word for it, Hear From our Customers:

Getting Started is Easy.

No hardware to install or upfront fees. Our EMR-agnostic platform can integrate with your existing technology. Our friendly team supports you every step of the way.

At Clarity, processing referrals and insurance preauthorizations is what we do best. We stay on top of payer rules so you don't have to.

Total referrals processed by Clarity: