Insurance Authorization

Expand your core offering to attract and maintain your customer base.

Clarity’s prior authorization turnkey solution embeds into your existing HIT platform.

  • Give customers tools to save time and money: With the maze of constantly changing payer rules and government regulations, authorizations are difficult for practices to navigate and complete efficiently, costing significant resources.
  • Rely on Clarity’s insurance authorization expertise: Clarity combines cutting-edge technology with a superior service team to efficiently obtain completed authorizations across hundreds of payers, regardless of their technology capabilities.
  • Save internal resources to focus on your core offering: Embed Clarity’s authorization feature within your existing user interface to expand your product’s capabilities, without the expense of building a new feature from the ground up.
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Referral Management

Enable customers to close the loop on patient care.

Clarity’s web-based platform supports and documents value-based care.

  • Build bridges with better care coordination: Clarity’s web-based referral management platform gives your customers the tools they need to track referrals, share records, and communicate with their patient’s care team.
  • Share actionable insights into referral patterns: Clarity Reporting gives your customers customizable reports to improve referral transparency and efficiency across your organization.
  • Leverage Clarity only for the functionality you need: If you already have a referral management offering, you can elect to embed only our insurance authorization solution.
Referral Management


Maintain your existing user interface for your customers while Clarity completes authorizations in the background.

Clarity can run as a white-label solution so customers can continue to interact with your brand.

  • Easily integrate with Clarity’s flexible platform: Your customers will electronically receive completed authorizations and accompanying documentation directly into your existing user interface.
  • Go live with turnkey solution sooner: Clarity’s talented and experienced technology team has built a wide variety of interfaces, so you can be live in weeks rather than months.
  • Partner with Clarity for unparalleled technology and support: Our team will continuously work with you to give the resources needed to successfully deploy authorization and referral management capabilities to your customers.
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